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X Cable: The Cable Alternative

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What is X Cable?

X Cable brings the freedom of television to you without paying a monthly fee or hidden costs. X-Cable, also, brings you more shows, sports, entertainment, and news all without searching for it throughout the web. With our agents to help you curate your channels, X Cable will save you lots of money.

Media Outlets

Radio Networks & Stations

Listen to our radio networks and stations from anywhere in the world through our website and apps. Click on the button to listen to our radio platform.

Television Networks & Stations

Watch great broadcasts through our television networks and stations from our website and our apps, including Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV & Apple TV.

Independent Movie Network

Watch exclusive independent movies from filmmakers that are passionate about their final cut. This network give you options to choose movies domestically & internationally. Watch these movies from our website and apps.

Live Specials & Events

Listen & Watch special broadcasts and events from all the world from our website and apps. Each special events/specials are scheduled for the audience to engage into it and interact with comments & chats.

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