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The Value Television Network offers an enriched teachable television platform that transforms TV viewing into a valuable learning experience. Discover a wide range of educational content, from documentaries to skill-building programs, tailored to enhance knowledge and expand horizons.

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Get ready to revolutionize your TV viewing experience with The Valuable Television Network Livestreaming! Witness how livestreaming transforms traditional television into a dynamic and interactive platform. Explore its vast library of exclusive content that caters to be teachable and valuable. Join millions who have already embraced this game-changing livestreaming by clicking on the live on air logo! 

The True Secrets of Life
Host: Ana Lennyr

Ana Lennyr is a premier life strategist who specializes in helping teenagers and adults to build strong and supportive family relationships. Her philosophy is simple: MASTER THE GAME OF LIFE so you will never be trapped in pain and hurt again. The True Secrets of Life with Ana Lennyr, Weekdays @ 10 AM CST, 11 AM EST & 8 AM PST. Replay @ 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST & 12 PM PST.

Men's 911
Host: Tara Herron & Dr. Sharon Jackson

The mission of the Men’s 911 show is to bring awareness, to educate, provide resources and tools to support men so they can experience healthy lifestyles and nurturing relationships that reinforces responsible manhood and preservation of families.
The show is committed to empowering and reinforcing the importance of men as leaders, providers, mentors, and preservers of humanity. Men's 911 with Tara Herron & Dr. Sharon Jackson, Weekdays @ 11 AM CST, 12 PM EST & 9 AM PST. Replay @ 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST & 11 AM PST.

It's Your Business TV Show
Host: Dr. Stan Fine, Melissa Coleman & Jim Jump. MBA

IYB is a weekly live small business show that allows listeners to gain knowledge and inspiration to help guide their journey to owning and operating their own small business.
Whether you are starting a business or are already a success, this is a great self-help show. Weekdays @ 12 PM CST, 1 PM EST & 10 AM PST.

The Kevin Samuels Essentials
Host: Kevin Samuels

Image Consultant
The Late Kevin Samuels had reached over millions of men and women with the no-nonsense content. VTN will continue rebroadcasting his content on Fridays @ 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST & 8 PM PST. 

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