About RCR Network

We are a Christian internet radio ministry that builds on the format of Talk Radio, Christian sermons, Christian speeches, and Christian conferences. Our goal is to help other believers who don't have a broadcast platform for their ministry to be able to get exposure. In doing so they can spread the Word of God through the internet, social media, and mobile apps.

This internet radio network brings to you the amazing Word of God on a level that will get you to change your thinking about the Father God's Will, His purpose, and His promises for your life. Christians that are humble to the Word; and speak of the Word of God, unadulterated are connected to this network through the use of talks shows to outreaches to reach lost souls and lead them to Jesus Christ.


OTTU Media features the latest in entertainment, live performances from independent artists, live local events, breaking news, election coverage, movies, documentaries, classic series, and live streaming network programming you know and love.

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