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Real News with Lucretia Hughes
Host: Lucretia Hughes

Lucretia Hughes is a strong advocate for religious freedom, conservative and Republican values. Lucretia is the Co-founder of Fallback Productions Studio LLC and own the Fallback USA merchandise, with her husband Dave. The Real News with Lucretia Hughes is on weekdays @ 4 PM CST, 5 PM EST & 2 PM PST.

Black Conservative Female
Host: Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon

The Black Conservative Female with Felicity Joy brings biblical, conservative standards that is not talk about in the Black community and in churches. With Janice Ponds as her co-host, they uploads great topics to discuss and guests that are knowledgeable on these discussions. The Black Conservative Female with Dr. Felicity Joy on Wednesdays @ 8:30 PM CST, 9:30 PM EST & 6:30 PM PST.

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