The Christendom Television Network

The Christendom Television Network enables Reformed Christian broadcasting to reach audiences worldwide, providing a platform for believers and seekers alike to access inspiring content that promotes Biblical teachings, 24/7.

Watch Christendom TV 24/7

Christendom TV Livestreaming

Embark on an extraordinary voyage through God’s Word with Christendom Television Livestreaming! Be captivated by riveting documentaries exploring ancient biblical sites, engage in thought-provoking discussions about modern-day challenges faced by Christians worldwide, and participate in Biblical broadcasts that unite believers across continents. Ignite your passion for God's word by watching this Biblical livestreaming - click now and experience the wonders of Christendom Television Livestreaming!

Timbs Times TV
Host: Evangelist Lorrie Timbs

Timbs Times TV is the extension of Empowered Radio with Lorrie Timbs. This broadcast goes into the events of the end-times and the upcoming rapture of Jesus Christ. Timbs Times airs on Tuesdays @ 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST & 4 PM PST.

Fight 4 Your Dreams TV
Host: Pastor C "Coach" Halbert

Continue to Fight for Your Dreams, now on Christendom TV, Pastor Halbert brings more Word and Encouragement through television on Wednesdays @ 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST & 5 PM PST.

Sistah Resource Speaks Ladies Ministry TV
Host: Sister Dana Rankin

This series will include instruction straight from the Word of God. Let us be doers and not hearers of the WORD so as not to be deceived in these last days. Take a listen each week as we journey through the Holy Bible together. Jesus Christ is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! May we always be glorifying HIM! Listen live on Fridays @ 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST & 5 PM PST

God's Input For You TV
Host: Dr. Sha'ron Westbrooks

Dr. Sha'ron Westbrooks continue giving the inputs from God on Christendom TV on Tuesdays @ 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST & 5 PM PST.

The Beautiful Grace TV
Host: Sis. JoJo Wright

The Beautiful Grace TV is the extension of Accepted in Beloved Radio from the Resilient Christian Radio Network. Sis. Wright brings testimonial points of God's Beautiful Grace on Wednesdays @ 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST & 4 PM PST.

Beauty in Brokenness TV
Host: Sis. Ge'Neen Anderson

Sis. Ge'Neen Anderson strengthens her radio broadcast into television on Thursdays @ 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST & 6 PM PST.

Men's 911 TV
Host: Dr. Sharon Jackson & Dr. Tara Herron

On the Men's 911 show, experts Tara Herron and Sharon Jackson will address issues that are often never discussed or addressed due to embarrassment, secondary victimization and/or inequality in societal standards concerning male issues into television on Weekdays @ 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST & 11 AM PST.

The W.A.I.T. TV
Host: Sis. Veletta Conrad

Sis. Veletta Conrad continue her broadcast from radio to television on Thursdays @ 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST & 4 PM PST.

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